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My Theatre Matters

posted on 4 June 2013
My Theatre Matters

Have you shown how much your theatre matters?

Join the UK-wide campaign to show your council how much you value your local theatre!

Have your voice heard now at

Join the conversation on Twitter @theatre_matters

The aim of the campaign is to encourage you, the public, to tell your councils about the positive power of a vibrant arts scene:

Here’s what we think a good arts scene does for our city (we think you’ll agree):

  • Makes Winchester and the surrounding area a better place to live
  • Contributes to the value and desirability of living here
  • Creates jobs and income and contributes to the local economy
  • Contributes to a safer and more accessible night-life, open to the wider community
  • Is important to our children in their education and for their enjoyment

So, what are you waiting for? Sign up today…


  1. Sandra Parisi

    Our theatre in Winchester matters indeed. A thriving theatre , the hatfair, the library all contribute to the local community, bring people together and makes Winchester more than a pretty commuter city with a highstreet. The theatre contributes to the local economy as it brings local people into the city in the evening filling up the local restaurants around the theatre.

    Posted 9:26pm 11 Jul (2013)

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