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Oxford Playhouse

One Small Step


Check your oxygen, adjust your space suit and buckle up for the biggest mission of your life… the ignition sequence has begun. 5 seconds and counting…

385,000 kilometres from home…

2 superpowers in the ultimate tussle…

1 giant leap for mankind.

Following five-star rave reviews across UK and international tours where it was seen by more than 19,000 people, One Small Step comes to Winchester for a fast, furious and full-throttled trip to the moon!

Recounting history's greatest adventure, the race between the United States and the Soviet Union to send the first man to the moon, One Small Step is an inventive, funny and surprisingly moving action-packed show that crams 50 years of history into 60 minutes!

Two actors magically conjure more than 40 characters with the aid of simple household objects, as well as creating the famous Apollo, Gemini and Sputnik capsules from buckets, lamps and cardboard boxes, capturing the imagination of all the family. Not to be missed.

Written by David Hastings

Directed by Toby Hulse

"A life-affirmingly brilliant piece of theatre"

Time Out

"Utterly engaging"

Sunday Times