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Blue Apple Theatre

Blue Apple's Wind in the Willows


Blue Apple presents The Wind in the Willows

Blue Apple Theatre has a deserved reputation for tinkering with classic tales whilst holding tight to what lies at the very heart of any story – their take on The Wind in the Willows will be no different.

Blue Apple's version of the much-loved family favourite will go right back to the source material and pay due respect to Kenneth Graham's creations – then they'll present them in their own unique way – seen through their prism.

Expect a visual treat, songs, laughs and colourful characters; buffoonery, heroes, villains, jokes that wouldn't be out of place in a pantomime and an ending where all get their just rewards.

So far, so traditional, but this is a 'Willows' for our time, turning a few expectations on their heads as we look forward by looking back – after all, one of our key characters is a narcissist and a fantasist, attempting to bend the truth to suit his own agenda – desperately defending himself even as the law closes in on him…

Come and join us as we explore friendship, frolics and feuds.

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