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Winchester Musicals and Opera Society

A Chorus of Disapproval


Directed by Suzanne Hall
Musical Director Peter Theobald

Featuring Rob Preston (Pirate King, The Pirates of Penzance), Katie Hickson ( Lina Lamont, Singin' in the Rain), Adrian Hickford (Sweeney Todd, Sweeney Todd), Annie Tatnall (Mabel, The Pirates of Penzance) with a full singing and dancing ensemble cast with a live band.

The Pendon Amateur Light Operatic Society are rehearsing The Beggars Opera but they keep losing cast members to injury, arguments and double dealing.

Step forward Guy Jones, a widower who has joined the group to get his life back on track. By not saying 'no' to anything, be it a request to obtain confidential information or an offer of illicit sex, he advances from a bit part to the lead role.

Will he triumph in the role or will his affairs with two cast members, including the director's wife be his undoing? 

"Symmetrically shaped, psychologically acute and painfully, heart breakingly funny"

The Guardian