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Fleetwood Unchained

Introducing Fleetwood Unchained, the ultimate tribute to one of the most iconic and beloved bands of all time, Fleetwood Mac.

With a passion for their music and commitment to authenticity, Fleetwood Unchained deliver a faithful and unforgettable live experience that captures the essence of Fleetwood Mac's legendary sound.

Featuring highly experienced musicians and vocalists, the band brings to life Fleetwood Mac's timeless hits, from the early blues-infused Peter Green classics to the pop-rock anthems that made them international superstars. From Rhiannon and Go Your Own Way to Dreams and The Chain, Fleetwood Unchained play them all with precision, heart and high energy throughout.

But it's not just about the music with Fleetwood Unchained. The band members channel the personalities and dynamic chemistry of the original Fleetwood Mac line-up, creating a truly immersive performance that transports audiences back to the band's heyday. Fleetwood Unchained – the tribute you don't want to miss.