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Graffiti Classics: The Comedy String Quartet

16 strings, 8 dancing feet and 4 voices.

Making classical music wickedly funny and fantastically exhilarating for everyone.

Graffiti Classics burst the elitist boundaries of the traditional string quartet with their hilarious all-singing, all-dancing musical comedy show.

It's a classical concert, a gypsy-folk romp, an opera, a stand-up comedy set and a brilliant dance show all rolled into one!

From Beethoven to Bluegrass, Baroque to Pop, Mozart or Offenbach to Elvis, Strauss to Saturday Night Fever, there really is something for everyone.

Graffiti Classics never fail to get audiences laughing, clapping and singing along.

Kids and adults alike will love the uplifting and virtuosic variety of musical styles, all tied together with cheeky audience interaction.

"A simply wonderful show!"

The Times