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Smokescreen Productions

Jack's Ashes

Jack's Ashes
by Matt Banes & Tim Marriott

"163 to win in twenty overs, we've got this - come on!"

The chase is on! Can Jack lead his team to victory?

Former professional cricketer Jack gives his team talk, but as wickets fall like a ticking time bomb so the anecdotes from the ashes of his career prove less than inspirational…

As Jack pads up to be the last man in to go out and save the day, Jack's Ashes offers a humorous insight into the mental frailties that can cloud the mind and the distractions that can lead to ruin.

WINNER - Best Theatre Award, Adelaide Fringe 23

Performed by Tim Marriott

Written by Tim Marriott & Mathew Banes

Featuring recorded contributions from the cricket world, including: David 'Bumble' Lloyd, Ed Cowan, Robert 'Crash' Craddock, Shane Watson, Toby from 'Cricket District'

Originally developed with Hannah Maxwell, Jonathan Rice & Nicholas Collett

The piece was developed with support from Arts Council England