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John Nichol's The Unknown Warrior

During the First World War, over one million British Empire soldiers were killed. More than a century later, over half a million still have no known grave. John Nichol, a former RAF Tornado Navigator and Gulf War prisoner-of-war, embarks on a poignant journey to uncover the emotional tale of the Unknown Warrior interred in Westminster Abbey, highlighting our enduring need to honour and grieve for the fallen.

Following the conflict, the concept of a single 'Unknown Warrior' emerged as a symbol to commemorate the missing and alleviate the overwhelming national sorrow. John retraces the Warrior's path from the battlefields of Northern France to Westminster Abbey, engaging with descendants of those involved and delving into forgotten records.

In this extraordinary theatrical production, enriched with evocative visuals and a stirring soundscape, audiences are transported back to this tumultuous era, experiencing the passion of those who came before us and the enduring pain of those who still walk among us.

"It is rare to find a tale so strange, intimate and human yet at the same time so enormous, so global in its importance"

Dan Snow - Historian