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Icarus Theatre Collective

Julius Caesar


Julius Caesar. A divisive leader who holds awesome power.

Concerned that Caesar poses a threat to democracy, revolutionaries take the violent decision to murder him. As the world spins out of control, chaos, horror, and superstition rush in to fill the void. Civil war erupts and a new leader must rise: but at what cost?

Shakespeare's thriller exposes the ambiguous morality in trying to shift power. As we rage against the crises surrounding us, how far will each of us go for our beliefs?

Join Icarus Theatre Collective for a boldly modern re-telling, perfect for newcomers to Shakespeare. Set in the near future, we combine state-of-the-art digital technology, fully integrated Creative Captioning to enhance clarity for deaf and hearing audiences, and classic theatrical magic to highlight parallels between the gossip and doom-mongers of Ancient Rome and the violence caused by fake news, celebrity culture, and conspiracy theories.

Directed by award-winning director Max Lewendel as the latest in a series of plays devised to unite theatre fans from the hearing, deaf community, as well as the online generation.

All in original verse, with Creative Captioning for not only deaf audiences, but those new to Shakespeare, English as a second language, etc.

Creative Captioning

Social Media and WhatsApp text bubbles will serve as Creative Captioning throughout, interwoven into the design so that the production is accessible to all.

Mark Anthony's "Friends, Romans, Countrymen" speech will blend Creative Captioning with Integrated, Creative BSL:  He's a politician at a podium with a BSL interpreter, translating as he goes (an interpreter who is a character in their own right, throughout the play).

On the set is projected the live tweets of the angry crowd. "Brutus? HONOURALBE?! Kill the conspirators!", etc.