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Let's Talk About Philip

Just after the funeral of Helen's mother her father says to her, "let's talk about Philip."

This breaks over 30 years of family silence that they had all colluded in.

With the taboo now broken and having learnt surprising new facts, Helen begins a detective-like investigation to discover the hidden story behind her brother Philip's suicide.

The journey takes Helen back to scenes from her childhood, exotic Asian locations, a coroner's court and the place where her brother died.

Along the way Helen grapples with loyalty, long-held beliefs and how much we ever really know about those we love.

"This is a beautifully constructed, utterly engaging play... I'll be talking about it for a long time to come."

The Wee Review

"Perfect balance between grief and joy, love and anger."

London Theatre 1

"A very peaceful and life-affirming way to spend an hour."

Three Weeks