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Little Soldier presents

Nothing Happens (Twice)

Slapstick humour meets Beckett head on in a quest for life's meaning and purpose

After an exciting few years making and touring shows all over the world, Mercè and Patricia have somehow lost momentum and hit rock bottom.

They always knew that making theatre would be difficult, but when they have to dress up as flamingos in a shopping centre to make ends meet, they seriously consider giving up.

Can their shared dream of staging Waiting for Godot get them back on track or will their long held ambition be strangled by red tape?

A hilarious and sometimes moving exploration of companionship, co-dependency and what motivates us to keep going, even in the face of failure and bureaucratic brick walls.

Production photos by Pau Ros

"You'll be crying with laughter"

The Stage

"Full of mind-twisting absurdity and hilarious fragility"

North West End

"funny and cheeky and brimming with life and energy"

Salterton Arts Review