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Maybe You Like It

Pleading Stupidity

Chad and Brad robbed a bank. They were on their gap year, and they were bored. We've all been there.

Turns out, Chad and Brad suck at robbing banks. They were wearing their name tags from work, took selfies with the stolen cash, and their getaway plan was… flawed. Did we mention this is a true story?

In court, their only defence was Pleading Stupidity.

Now, they're out of prison, and we've brought them* to Winchester with the bank tellers they robbed that day**. They're here to bring you the true story*** of two ripper Australian legends and their crazy adventures in Colorado.

They just have to agree on how to tell it…

After a hugely successful run at The Pleasance at 2023's Edinburgh Fringe, Maybe You Like It are bringing Pleading Stupidity to Theatre Royal Winchester for one night only.

Featuring high-energy, physical comedy, frenetic action, and verbatim speech.

*not really them

**not really the bank tellers they robbed that day

***It really is a true story.

"A rollercoaster ride packed with ridiculous situations and hilarious characters"

View from the Outside

"fast, inventive, surreal, and silly"

UK TheatreWeb