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Watson: The Final Problem

A classic Sherlock Holmes tale of long buried secrets, betrayal and death.

Watson: The Final Problem
by Bert Coules and Tim Marriott

Based on the stories by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

For there is a shadow in the gutters, a spider's web of poisonous intrigue plagues the city and Watson must face his greatest ever challenge.

The year is 1894. Watson is alone. Sherlock Holmes and his beloved Mary are both gone.

London seethes with false reports and rumour. It is time to set the record straight. So Watson tells his tale and the intrepid detectives must face their nemesis, the Napoleon of Crime, Professor Moriarty.

But as Watson takes us on a journey across Europe to the Reichenbach Falls, is the game really over?

"We were hooked... A beautifully played performance, highly recommended"

Watson: The Final Problem is created in collaboration with and directed by Bert Coules, the BBC's head writer on adaptations of the Further Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, who says "Watson is often overlooked, but is more than Conan Doyle's alter ego. Deeply affected by the effects of war in Afghanistan and appalled by dishonesty and falsehood, he is a remarkably contemporary character to bring to life on stage."
90s sitcom star Tim Marriott played Gavin in 7 seasons of the BBC sit-com The Brittas Empire. After a second career in education, he returned to the stage in 2017, travelling to festivals around the world with acclaimed PTSD play Shell Shock (Best Solo Show, Adelaide) and Holocaust themed Mengele (Lustrum Award, Edinburgh, NY Encore).

"Utterly brilliant. A must see"

Edinburgh Review

"A grippingly fine display... outstanding"

Broadway Baby