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Paul Morrissey Ltd, Christopher Wheeler & Molly Morris

When Darkness Falls


Paul Morrissey Ltd, Christopher Wheeler & Molly Morris in association with Jason Haigh-Ellery, Glynis Henderson Productions, Dawn Smalberg & Bev Ragovoy

A ghost story by James Milton and Paul Morrissey.

Starring Will Barton and Alex Phelps

Director Paul Morrissey
Lighting Designer Bethany Gupwell
Sound Designer Daniel Higgott
Magic Consultant John Bulleid

When Darkness Falls is the brand new spine-chilling ghost story that delivers a twisted, terrifying and thrilling tale that will haunt you forever.

Set on the island of Guernsey, When Darkness Falls, tells the story of a teacher who runs the local Historical Society. Tonight, as part of his weekly Vlog, a young paranormal expert is giving a talk on the island’s incredible folklore and paranormal history. As the teacher films, the speaker regales horrifying stories. Stories that can only occur on a small, isolated island. Tonight, the teacher will learn exactly what happens when the wind blows, the seas swell and darkness falls.

Based on true events, this powerful new production by James Milton and Paul Morrisey draws us into dark pasts, revealing disturbing truths and unforgettable terrors that never die.

"Eerie tales told with relish"

The Stage